The Machine Elf: Consulting and Web Development Services
Machine Elf Consulting!
The Machine Elf: Consulting and Web Development Services

The startup community is really great; that is, if you know people. Unfortunately, that's not the case for most first-time founders or newcomers to the NYTech scene. Going it alone can be rough, as Sam--the founder of Machine Elf--learned when she launched her first startup in 2011. There are things that you know, and you know very well, but when you're starting your own company you will inevitably come across something you don't know and how you navigate that obstacle can make or break your business. Machine Elf Consulting is our solution to that problem. If you don't have the time or the resources to learn from your mistakes, learn from ours.

Machine Elf Consulting is a new breed of business advisement and consultancy services catering specifically to startup businesses in the tech industry. Our interdisciplinary approach synthesizes traditional managerial, financial, and legal guidance with innovative and unconventional strategies, addressing the needs of the entrepreneur who not merely wants to succeed but absolutely MUST.

Machine Elf Consulting brings together the brightest minds in the tech, financial services, legal, and web design/development industries in order to provide the tech entrepreneur with the guidance he or she needs.

Put simply, we're here to share what we know with you. All of us at Machine Elf have been, still are, and will always be entrepreneurs. It's in our blood. And we know better than anyone that in the time it takes to write down that new idea for oh, let's say, "EZ Pass for Fast Food Drive-Thrus (THE Ultimate Convenience)," six other companies have formed around the same concept, built prototypes, and gone to market. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to purchase time--at least in the contiguous US, so we've heard--but in the meantime, while we wait for some entrepreneurial genius to commodify spacetime, we can certainly help you save it.

Our services range from simple phone consultations (which may not necessarily require close physical proximity) to large-in-scope business, technical, legal, or marketing packages (which may require significant in-person collaboration), and anywhere in between. Whether the task at hand be big or small, the work done at your office or ours, the meetings conducted via phone or whiteboard...or over pizza, you can count on us at Machine Elf to be working 24/7. Most of us are night owls and all too often are getting into the groove right around sunrise, when rest of the city is just waking up and heading to work. Needless to say, we take pride in our work ethic/rampant insomnia--it's what allows us to stay ahead of schedule and collaborate more during the day.

Terence McKenna--one of the most prolific philosophers of our time and to whose creative intellect we owe our name--is often quoted as saying, "Imagine you are an explorer and you represent our species...the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. We must stop consuming our culture. We must, rather, create it..." McKenna's assertion, in all its simplicity, fully encapsulates that which the Machine Elf represents and thus, what our company seeks to achieve.

So what are we all about? Creativity. Collaboration. Computers. Culture. And, of course--Coffee.